Vegan Bobotie

Not only do I love cooking, but I absolutely love researching food and learning about other cultures - what foods are staples in other countries, national dishes, different ingredients. Everything about food is fun, and there's so much deliciousness out there. (Is anyone else already hungry?) I love knowing people from different backgrounds and nationalities … Continue reading Vegan Bobotie

Gettin’ Freeky

One of my aims this year is to cook with more grains. Cous cous, quinoa, things like Pearl Barley and, the star of this recipe: FREEKEH. It's an ingredient that I've seen and heard about a lot over the last few years, but I had never bothered to give it a go or try it. … Continue reading Gettin’ Freeky

Veggie Pancakes

Winter makes you want to eat more, am I right? There's nothing better than a good, hot meal on a cold night. Or a cold day....Or a warm day....  Ok, ok, there's nothing better than a good meal anytime really - throw me a glass of wine with that meal and I'll love you forever. … Continue reading Veggie Pancakes